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Incident & Claims Risk Management Solutions

Claims & Incident Risk Management

Giving you back ownership and control of your data, and transforming the way you manage your Claims, Incidents and Insurance

ClaimControl Features

The Internet has changed the way we all work and offers you the ability to work more efficiently for a lower cost opportunity for integration to further streamline processes. Our customers are taking advantage of ClaimControl in a number of ways not possible with a traditional client-server system to enable them to:

  • Store all documentation, photographs and communication
  • Enable Hot Desking
  • Facilitate immediate exchange of information with Insurers
  • Provide integrated FNOL forms (First Notification of Loss)
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

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Fast efficient access to information and the ability to report on that information is critical to effective Claims management. ClaimControl provides you with a complete, integrated solution that allows you to record all the information relating to an incident or claim quickly and easily, including

  • Location
  • Insurer Reference
  • Legal Reference
  • Communication (email correspondence, documents)
  • Photographic evidence, and even video

The reporting capabilities then allow you to produce anything from a simple claim summary to a renewal preparation report, an ad-hoc custom report or triangulation report in seconds. By allowing you to manage and report incidents as well as claims giving you the ability to report not only on the uninsured losses but also on near misses and non-insurance related incidents. This capability allows you to gather all of the support evidence, witness statements and photographic evidence on any incident to form part of your defence should it later result in a claim.

The information you base decisions on has to be up-to-date. ClaimControl ensures that your reserves and claims information is always up-to-date and available for your financial and operational needs at any time. ClaimControl can automatically upload information from your

  • Insurer
  • Broker
  • 3rd Party Claims Handler

We work with our clients to agree how they want the updates applied to give you that unique bespoke support that has helped separate us from our competition for over 18 years. So whether you only want to revise reserves or want to upload and update all claims related to a particular area (e.g. your Motor claims may be handled by a 3rd party claims handler) then ClaimControl can ensure your information is up-to-date, and more importantly always belongs to you.

The integrated Document & Image Management module of ClaimControl allows you to store all of the photographs, documentation, reports and communication alongside the claim. This makes it instantly available whenever you need it right from the claim edit screen. If you deal with hundreds of documents or have a lot of historical information that you would need to upload then dont worry, we have already solved that problem. ClaimControl also comes with a bulk upload capability that can not only upload all of your historical claims and incident information but can even take all those files you have on your network drive and automatically upload them to the correct claims for you, leaving you to use your expertise to manage the claims risk rather than being tied up with administration.
You own your data


You need ownership and control of your claims information. ClaimControl gives you that control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ClaimControl is designed for all Industires?
We work with clients across many different industries in both the public and private sector. Our clients come from a number of different industries including Local Government, Housing Associations, Large multi-national groups, Construction and Civil Engineering companies of all sizes, Insurance Brokers, Rail and many more. One of our biggest differentiators is that actively involve our clients in the development of the product. This combined knowledge from claims risk and insurance experts throughout the world helps ensure you benefit from that knowledge by having at your fingertips a modern system designed and developed for your needs.
Who owns the data?
The simple answer is You. Unlike many systems and providers, the information within ClaimControl is always yours. We believe in our product so much that we don’t tie people into long term contracts because we know that people will stay on ClaimControl when they see the difference between more traditional client server delivered software providers whose whole model is based on chasing the next sale rather than delivering the best to the clients they have. This ownership and accessibility means that you can leverage that information and analysis, not just in your insurance department but throughout the organisation to help improve visibility and understanding of risk, controls and opportunities for improvement.
What about all my Historical information?
With ClaimControl you can import all your claims and incident information. Using our free document and image loader tool you can even upload all of your electronic documentation, emails, photographs and video in a few clicks and ClaimControl will take care of the rest automatically associating the documents and images to the correct claims. We recently worked with a large international company who uploaded over 30,000 documents and images to ClaimControl. All it took was to point ClaimControl and the folder where they were stored on their network, press the load button and leave the office safe in the knowledge that as they drove home ClaimControl was busy importing and automatically associating many years worth of information to make it accessible to anyone working that claim in seconds – regardless of their location in the world.
Where is my Information stored?
For all of our EU clients the data is stored across 3 data centres in the UK to ensure compliance with EU laws. We understand the importance of this, especially within the public sector. These data centres provide a level of security and resilience just not economically viable for most organisations and give you that assurance that even in a disaster which shut off power to your offices or prevented access to your building you would still have access to all of your insurance policy details, claims information and even the scanned insurance documentation and certificates.

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