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The Product, the Vision and the Exceptional Support

The Story of the ClaimControl Product

ClaimControl was originally developed in 2006 as a bespoke software application to help a small civil engineering company manage their incidents and insurance claims with the goal of regaining control over soaring insurance costs. This small company came out top in an independent group insurance review which led to consultation and the creation of ClaimControl as a managed application.

Alphatec worked with this organisation and their internationally recognised insurance team to build a solution that can be used in many sectors to help identify, control and manage the root cause of incidents and insurance claims. This effort was recognised when in 2009 ClaimControl was awarded the Best Risk Product in Europe by Strategic Risk magazine.

Today ClaimControl does far more than incident and claims management and forms a core component of an organisations insurance, risk and operational management.

The Vision
Our goal is to continue to develop ClaimControl to exceed our customers expectations in terms of functionality, service and support.

We will continue to take advantage of the latest technologies to implement the changes you need whether driven by operational need, market changes or even legal changes like the Jackson Reforms in the UK.

If you are considering ClaimControl for your organisation call us now on +44(0)845 680 0218 or use the button below to arrange a demonstration.

ClaimControl allows me to identify and report on areas where there are high risks at the push of a button. Also, whilst we are insurance focused, ClaimControl allows me to produce clear, concise reports for my commercial and operational departments.

Eamonn Johnstone

Barhale Construction, www.barhale.co.uk

Industry Sectors

Today ClaimControl is being used across a widen variety of industries in both the private and public sector.

  • Construction/Maintenance 32% 32%
  • Local Government 12% 12%
  • Housing 12% 12%
  • International Conglomerates 18% 18%
  • Fleet / Transport 6% 6%
  • Other 8% 8%
  • Insurance 12% 12%
The customer support has been outstanding; not only for head office staff but for all our users globally. Whenever I speak to ClaimControl they make me feel as if I am their most important customer! That is a gift that very few companies have! Well done!
Paulette Quartermaine

Office Manager, Deloro Stellite

Exceptional Support


Alphatec, the company behind ClaimControl, built its reputation on providing exceptional support to some of the largest banks in the world. At one time providing support for over 85% of all cheques (checks for those Americans among you) in the UK.

We continue to believe that serving your customers in a professional, efficient and ethical manner is the key to client retention and a successful growing business. This genuine interest in the issues that affect you, our clients and potential clients, and how we can best use technology to help you improve efficiency and improve profitability underpins everything we do.

Our number is at the top of the page and we are always happy to talk to you about any questions, issues or ideas you may have.

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